Frequently Asked Questions

What does your organization do? 

ICOP matches skilled, experienced John Molson School of Business students with volunteer
assignments overseas to apply and transfer knowledge within the developing world. Students work with businesses, NGOs, associations, and organizations that promote growth,
entrepreneurship, and economic development.

Where do volunteers travel?

There are a variety of locations that a volunteer may travel, depending on the placement. Volunteers may travel to continents such as Asia, South America or Africa.

When does the placement take place?

The placement takes place during the spring and summer months.

What is the duration of the program?

The duration of the program may range between 2 and 8 months depending on the placement, which includes volunteering while in Canada and a 2 to 4 month placement abroad.

What kind of work do volunteers engage in?

The volunteers may be engaged in work activities such as community development and sustainable economy development projects, micro-financing, women empowerment, arts and crafts, best business practices education and environmental issues.

What are the selection criteria for your program?

ICOP selects individuals who have an interest in development and have the matched skills for the placement. Graduate students currently enrolled in a JMSB program are eligible to apply. Priority may be given to students who are available to travel abroad for a longer period of time and those wishing to pursue the research paper option.

What is involved in the application process?

The application process consist of interested candidates emailing their résumé, unofficial student transcript and one page letter of intent outlining their reasons for applying and the placement(s) of interest to

Is there any training required to volunteer with your organization?

Volunteers are required to attend pre-departure and re-entry training.

What is the estimated expense of the internship?

Interns are required to finance their lodging, food and any other expenses during the internship. The cost varies depending on the placement location.

Where can I get more information?

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